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Chris Bores attended Ashland University to major in 'Film and Broadcasting' and learn the ropes of the business. He did this by working at Television and Radio Stations, and performed many job's that included both producing and filming News Programs, Documentaries, Commercials, Sporting Events, and more.

Chris left college to start a videography business and built up a successful client base in the area. In 2006, his passion for the paranormal lead him to produce an internet show called Haunted Investigators which showcased his team ghost hunting various locations.


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In 2007, Bores stumbled upon the YouTube craze of game reviewers that reviewed old video games in an angry manner popularize by James Rolfe. Finding the whole genre inspiring, Bores decided to add himself to the mix of the 200 plus reviewers by satirizing other reviewers with established fan-bases. (ie: AVGN, Armake21, PlayItBogart)
In April of 2007, Irate Gamer was born. Having a background in film, many people quickly took notice and asked for more. After numerous requests, Bores decided to do just that. After releasing a few more videos done in his spare time, YouTube took notice and featured 2 episodes within a span of a month on the front page of YouTube which popularized the show, and Bores went on to partner with Google.

Critics of the early show labeled Bores a copy of other reviewers, but overlooked his goal of paying homage to the guys that came before him. Despite the critics feedback, the first season of the show was done out of love for the Genre and the people who spawned it. 


During the next season however, Chris now had a fan base of 12,000 demanding more episodes. The satirical nature was dropped and his own voice began to shine through to evolve the Irate Gamer show into the second most popular video game review show on YouTube, By adding in story lines, special effects, a cast of reoccurring characters, cut scenes, and video game world interactions, Chris quickly went on to hold the prestigious award of the #55th most subscribed channel on YouTube, and has since been featured in a variety of articles and publications worldwide.


Chris went on to achieve many accolades. The Haunted Investigators show become the most popular Ghost Hunting show on YouTube, "History of Video Games" and "Irate the 80's" both became critical success’s, and Bores has been praised for his extensive coverage and interviewing skills at video game events.

Currently Chris is finishing up a huge story arc in the Irate Gamer series, continuing the History of Video Games saga, and working on a new ghost hunting documentary that will shake up the paranormal community for years to come.   


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